Hillstrike Snowtrike REV-17

Hillstrike Snowtrike REV-17


You mountain bike in the summer, snowboard in the winter. But what if you don’t want the seasons dictating how you downhill? The Snowtrike says, I do what I want, and has a good time doing it. Made by Slovenia-based Hillstrike, this ski-bike has three detachable 35-inch, wood core, steel edge skis on a high-grade aluminum frame.

The two rear skis articulate to simulate skiing while the front helps carve and direct the action. Real mountain bike parts made their way into the mix, with RockShox front suspension and FUNN mountain bike components — including stem, grips and pedals. It wisely comes with a coil safety leash, because, unless you’ve done this before, you’re going to fall off before you get any good at it. But once that happens, it’s all downhill from there. Orders yours online at Hillstrike.

Hillstrike Snowtrike


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