Honomobo Shipping Container Homes

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Used to be if you said you lived in a shipping container down by the lake, it was sad. Now, it means everyone wants to check out your sweet pad.

The idea of taking something ubiquitous and indestructible (a shipping container) and making it into something you need (a house) makes sense. Canadian company Honomobo takes a boring, yet solid, shipping containers and makes them into sleek, modern homes.

Pick your size: The HO1, a tiny home made from one container with about 200 square feet of space. Or go full-home style with the 3 bed, 1 bath HO4 made from 4 40-foot containers for a 1,200 sqft mini palace. Or choose something in between. They’ll install anywhere in North America (on your foundation) in about 2 weeks. And sinks, counters, appliances, heating? Included. Just like a real house. A real house that once carried cargo across the Atlantic. Learn more at Honomobo.

Honomobo Shipping Container House

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