Hookie Co. Cobra Café Racer

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In nature, the cobra uses excellent night vision and agility to hunt prey at dawn or dusk. Of course, they are not afraid to hunt during the day either. With a venomous design and predatory instinct, the Hookie Company’s Cobra Café Racer backs its bite up with stylish performance no matter what time it is. 

It is no surprise Hookie turned this 2020 BMW R9T motorcycle into a modern masterpiece. Hookie’s rise to the top of motorcycle customization is a testament to their hard work and dedication. The BMW R9T provides a solid foundation for this project while Hookie’s creativity and ingenuity brought the Cobra to life. 

At first glance, it is easy to see the aesthetic improvements Hookie brings to the Cobra when comparing it to a stock BMW R nineT. The sleek LED taillight strip will mesmerize any riders left behind in the dust while you enjoy the throaty growl ringing from the blacked-out custom exhaust system. Similar to a cobra snake’s hood, this Hookie custom bike brings elegant intimidation to the streets.

Hookie Co. Cobra Café Racer

BMW’s 1170 cc flat-twin engine produces 110 horsepower to provide plenty of slithering rubber opportunities for riders. Don’t worry, the performance tires are sticky enough to handle it. Slicing through the wind can expose hands to a brisk breeze, but the Hookie Cobra features heated grips to keep the fingers warm. 

Other features worth highlighting include automatic stability control, anti-lock brakes and a comfortable seat height. When a company designs a bike this cool, supply will never catch up with demand. In the case of the Hookie Cobra Café Racer, only 10 of them will be available. With such a limited production, Hookie Cobra riders will enjoy a rarefied air few others will ever experience. 

If you love riding motorcycles, you will want to play Hookie every day if the Cobra is in your garage. Don’t miss your chance to be one of 10 Hookie Co Cobra riders in the fall of 2020. [via]

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