Hookie Co. Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 Motorcycle

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Hookie has established a reputation for refining donor bikes to perfection, performance, and style. Their custom build motorcycles scream for attention without causing a scene. Perhaps that has never been more true than it is with the Hookie Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 Motorcycle. 

Inspired by the Magpie, an intelligent member of the crow family, this custom bike is built to fly. Of course, that will happen any time you begin with a Ducati as the donor bike. The black profile of this Hookie custom build is accented with just enough white to resemble the bird it draws inspiration from. With precise attention to detail, Hookie has transformed a Ducati Scrambler Icon Motorcycle into a true visual masterpiece capable of extreme performance.

Fitted with Pirelli MT60 tires on stock rims, Hookie has given this build a new tail unit and side covers using lightweight aluminum along with a new mounting plate for the tail. On top of that, they have integrated LED into the rear and brake light. A classic Alcantara seat keeps you comfortable as you lean over the beautiful Limited Hookie Ducati fuel tank design. 

Hookie Co. Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 Motorcycle

The modifications do not stop there. Kellermann Atto signals decorate the front and rear while a 3D printed bracket boasts with precision up front. Motogadget m.view mirrors offer a stylish touch to safety features while the Hookie license plate announces this black bird’s reputation upon arrival. An adjustable clutch, brake lever, and low handlebar, all from LSL, add the finishing touches to this refined custom Ducati Scrambler by Hookie Co. 

Perhaps the best thing about this Hookie Ducati Scrambler Icon 800 custom motorcycle is its availability. If you like it, you can order a similar custom build or you can create your own by simply getting the parts from Hookie.

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