Hop Gun IPA

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This is a sneaky little IPA. It hits you with a velvety nip of caramel malts straightaway that mingles with the heat of the alcohol. While you’re distracted by the spicy sweet dance they’re doing, the second squadron pulls off a fly by and drops the hops. A mix of Cascade, Galena, and Nelson Sauvin varieties are responsible for the grapefruit and pineapple hints as the transition from sweet to bitter completes in the fashion for which East Coast style IPAs are known. See? Sneaky.

The Hop Gun IPA bears the distinction of more than just having the coolest movie reference in Funky Buddha Brewery’s line up, but also of being one of their four core year-round offerings. The 7.0% ABV IPC is available on tap or as one of their growlers-to-go in the Funky Buddha Tap Room for lucky locals. For those unable to make the trip to Florida to give this approachable yet heady IPA a try, Funky Buddha has you covered with their retail finder to track down bottles and cans sold near you. Learn more at Funky Buddha Brewery.

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