Hotbox Coffee Porter

Hotbox Coffee Porter

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Who doesn’t love a rich porter, even on a breezy summer night? The Hotbox Coffee Porter is just the beer for you, featuring a nicely drinkable 6.4 percent ABV and the type of flavor and quality you’d expect in a terrific brew.

Belly up to the bar and enjoy hints of creme brulee, cocoa and caramel — yes, it’s really possible for one beer to have all of that going for it. The real kicker here might be the use of cold-extracted coffee using premium beans from Ethiopia and Burundi (two countries that know a thing or two about excellent coffee).

That use of coffee also leads to the aroma and flavor of items as diverse as dark plums and chocolate — it all comes together for one quality, delicious and exciting brew whenever you feel like enjoying one at the end of the day. Save it for a special occasion, a cookout — you name it, you’ll enjoy the Hotbox Coffee Porter. Learn more at Oskar Blues Brewery.


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