Huckberry x Coors Banquet Vintage Bomber Jacket

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We’ll probably never be as cool as our dads, but Huckberry is doing us the public service of trying to get us as close as possible. This Vintage Bomber Jacket is a collaboration with Coors Banquet, is as classically American as their lager, and strikes that beautiful balance of maybe-got-this-free-with-purchase and randomly-flattering. It’s the dad hat of bomber jackets.

Huckberry and Coors take their inspiration from bomber jackets of the ‘80s and ‘70s, complete with the close-to-body edges that seem to complement every body type. Simple but effective, the water-repellent construction includes polyester for durability and nylon for mobility, and the lining is ripstop fabric. So not only does this embroidered jacket look great, but it’s low key built to last.

Price: $198

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