Huckberry x Danner Waxed Canvas Danner Light

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The British fantasy author Terry Pratchett had the right idea about boots, as expressed through his character Sam Vimes’s “boots theory of socioeconomic unfairness”. The basic idea is this: A really good pair of boots might cost a lot more than you’re willing to spend right now. But if you just buy the most affordable pair of boots, you’ll end up having to replace them much sooner than a really solid, well-made pair—and in the end, you’ll end up better off if you can just invest in the more expensive pair.

Huckberry x Danner Waxed Canvas Danner Light

Huckberry and Danner’s new collaboration on a waxed canvas boot definitely falls into the category of more expensive, but infinitely more valuable in the long term. Limited to just 600 pairs, they’re an exclusive boot that combines everything we usually look for in footwear—from the breathable waxed canvas side panels, to the suede leather uppers, to the Gore-Tex liner and shock absorbing Vibram outsoles.

Huckberry x Danner Waxed Canvas Danner Light Boots

Past those functional and fashionable elements though, these boots are made with a seriously obsessive attention to detail in their construction that leads to incredible durability. Danner’s industry-leading stitchdown construction gives added stability and consistency to each pair of boots, as well as creating a wider foot base that stays comfortable even as your feet swell with extended activity.

Huckberry x Danner Waxed Canvas Danner Light

Put another way: These boots will move with you, becoming like a second skin the more that you wear them.
And to put the cherry on top of that heritage footwear sundae, these boots are also recraftable. That means when you’re finally putting some real wear and tear on them, you can send them back to Danner for a refresher and come back with a rejuvenated boot that still fits you like a glove.

Price: $425

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