Huckberry x Buffalo Trace

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It’s hard not to get fully on board with what the team at Huckberry has going for ‘em at any given moment. That extends from the expected, like curating exclusive releases and working with some of the most respected gear brands in the world, to doing things that are a tad more, well, unique. By “unique,” we mean seriously cool and covetable, and that’s where Huckberry x Buffalo Trace enters your daydreams. 

Here’s how it all went down: The Huckberry team worked with Buffalo Trace on a “barrel-pick” bourbon, meaning they selected a barrel of bourbon and had it bottled exclusively for them. Talk about custom curation, right? Barrel-picking also ensures a wholly unique experience in that it removes a bourbon barrel from the blending process: If you want a truly one-of-a-kind bourbon, the Huckberry team can show you how it’s done. Through a rigorous (and fun-sounding) tasting process, our good friends at Huckberry landed on their barrel of choice.

How to get your hands on some of this highly covetable bourbon? They’re giving away a few bottles here. In the meantime, keep dreaming of some of the most distinctive bourbon on the planet. 

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