Hypelev Levitating Sneaker Display Stand

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Sneakerheads rejoice! We finally have a way to show exactly how dope every pair of kicks is, all while making people wonder whether we’re magicians or time traveling scientists.

I’m talking about Hypelev, a new levitating sneaker display stand that uses a clever design with magnets (how do they work, anyway?) to suspend a shoe in mid-air. Pop that powerful magnet into the heel of your favorite sneaks (up to size 15) and the Hypelev will slowly spin them via a tiny air hole. 

Not enough for you? White LEDs add to the suspense, highlighting every tiny detail of your toe-covering works of art. Is it over the top? Yes, absolutely. Should you buy one anyway? We think you know the answer to that question, somewhere deep in your sneaker-loving heart.

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