Indian Scout 100th Anniversary Motorcycle

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Roll back the clock about a century to a time when Indian Motorcycles were the largest motorbike manufacturer in the world. One of their most popular models was the Scout, originally made from 1920 to 1946. It’s no surprise why Polaris decided to make a 100th Anniversary version of the Scout, and by taking a closer look, you will see why as well.

The 2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary Motorcycle is a modern rendition of the original from 1920. By combining modern technology with the heritage of the Indian Scout, this motorcycle keeps the legacy alive. The genuine leather solo saddle seat stays true to 1920s styling without compromising comfort. Plenty of chrome accents the classic Indian Red paint with Gold trim finish. Every 2020 Indian Scout features a 100th Anniversary badge to commemorate the impressive milestone. 

Indian Scout 100th Anniversary Motorcycle

Even though this bike clearly looks like a tribute to the original, plenty of modernized innovations have been made for a better driving experience. A six speed transmission enables smooth cruising and plenty of acceleration from the liquid cooled, 69 cubic inch, 100 horsepower V-twin engine. A lowered rear suspension and beach bar handlebar keeps you in control at all times. ABS standard brakes provide plenty of stopping power at a moment’s notice. 

Every one of these limited edition Indian Scout Motorcycles feature plenty of history and tradition with master craftsmanship for the road ahead. Starting at only $15,999 MSRP, the chance for you to own this iconic piece of motorcycle history is too reasonable to ignore.

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