Insta360 One RS Action Camera

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Adventures need to be documented. With the One RS Action Camera, gone are the days of choosing between a Stone Age brick cam or one that’s sophisticated but dies in the face of a water droplet. The One RS is durable and waterproof up to 16 feet. Strong but smart, it also comes with a 4k booster lens, can be used for shooting 6k footage for widescreen viewing, and has an impressively stable 360-degree lock that’ll keep your shots level no matter what you’re jumping out of.

The unique modular format lets you shoot three different ways (it’s also fun to fiddle with). The invisible selfie stick feature is like having your own personal cameraman at your disposal. Meanwhile, the smooth workflow, previews, and editing tools are user-friendly. Adventures aside, the image quality ensures that the subject you’re shooting doesn’t go flat when it’s being translated from real life to photograph.

Price: $499.99+

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