Insta360 Pro 2 Camera

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One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional cameras is that they see in a virtually flat plane and they’re uni-directional.  Nicer cameras can offer panoramic features, to be sure, but the truth is that cameras simply can’t see the world the same way we do with our eyes.  That’s about to change thanks to the Insta360 Pro 2 VR Camera, which sees even more than the human eye thanks to cameras facing every direction to create 360-degree images.
Compatible with 3D, aerial, and first-person-view shooting, this camera captures fantastic footage from every angle, with long-range, low latency, live controls via smartphone, tablet, or computer.  It’s fully integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro and an upgraded workflow means you can skip stitching and go straight from transferring video files to editing or exporting. – Shop Now

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