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If you’ve lived in — or passed within throwing distance of — Pittsburgh, you know Iron City Beer. It was brewed by Pittsburgh Brewing Co for 150 years and was once the beer in Western PA. After a slow decline, the brew co eventually filed for bankruptcy and then in 2009 Iron City Beer was bought out and production was moved to Latrobe (yup, the same place as those green Rolling Rocks). While the brand was saved, Iron City Beer’s reputation didn’t make any grand recovery. 

Then a couple years ago, the brand was bought by the owner of Rosebud Mining in Pennsylvania and things started looking up for the once legendary beer. Finding the balance of respecting the beer’s long heritage and repositioning it for a new generation of beer drinkers, the Iron City Beer relaunch is already making waves. The beer itself is a light golden lager with a crisp, refreshing flavor and low bitterness. It’s the kind of beer you grab after a hard day’s work, just like people have been doing for a century and a half. 

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