Ithaca Brew York Pale Ale

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Looking for a year-round beer that you can continually turn toward no matter the weather? The type of beer that’ll drink easily at a holiday party or as you enjoy a roaring fireplace, then pack in your cooler when it’s time to hit the beach come spring? That’s the refreshing, crisp and carefully crafted Brew York Pale Ale from the fine upstate hops purveyors at Ithaca Beer.

Made with 100 percent New York State hops and 66 percent New York State malts, this is a beer that doesn’t overpower or command too much attention — yet, it’s still flavorful and well-made. Slightly more nuanced styles like the pale ale are harder to come by if you don’t know where to look, so that’s why we’re suggesting you make the Brew York Pale Ale work for you — stock up now and enjoy coming home to a fridge full of a new favorite beer. – Learn More

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