Jagermeister CoolPack

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Jagermeister — love it or not, is here to stay, and in an even more portable and party-ready design: The newly introduced Jagermeister CoolPack now makes it easy to take “Jager” anywhere. The spirit, now found in a surprising array of high-end cocktails and concoctions (seriously! Check your local cocktail bar) is also now found in surprising new packaging.

Namely, the CoolPack is made to resemble a freezer pack — that makes it easier than ever to transport it to all manner of occasions, from tailgates to (discreet) park picnics. It’s also compact and seriously portable, coming out of the freezer at a chilly -18 degrees Celsius — that’s the way Jagermeister should be enjoyed, so it’s apparent that the company really has thought of everything.

Just as the packaging encourages you to rethink Jagermeister, so too should you rethink how (and exactly where) this beverage can be enjoyed. Jagermeister calls it “an unprecedented tasting experience,” and we certainly agree. – Learn More

Jagermeister CoolPack

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