Jaguar Future-Type Concept

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Not content to wait and see what the future of driving will hold, Jaguar is designing its future today. Their concept car for the car-driving generation of 2040, FUTURE-TYPE, takes into consideration the current trends in the automotive world (electric, driverless, communally owned), adds some Jaguar luxe and a few ideas of their own.

Electric, fully-autonomous, but drivable if you want it, FUTURE-TYPE imagines features like an AI steering wheel you can talk to, seats that swivel for face to face interaction, and a voice-activated interface connecting you to all the non-car parts of your life. 2040’s Jaguar driver won’t so much own the car as belong to a club — the removable AI steering wheel stays with you and summons a car when you need it. As far as concepts go, this one feels like it’s heading in the right direction. We hope we’re there when it arrives. Learn more at Jaguar.

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