Theory11 James Bond 007 Playing Cards

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From cars to suits, James Bond isn’t really interested in the second-best version of anything. We’re pretty sure that applies to cards too. This 007 deck comes from theory11, a community of magicians and card artists, who just so happen to be the largest producers of luxury playing cards.  So far they’ve created over 75 unique decks, and this is their latest. 

Everything about the James Bond 007 Playing Cards is unique, from the custom artwork on the backs and box to the Bond-inspired court cards, ace of spades, and jokers. The box itself is a thing of beauty, with two layers of gold foil and a 3D emboss of James Bond’s family crest (first revealed on the cover for Fleming’s 11th Bond book, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) along with his family motto: orbis non sufficit or, “the world is not enough.” 

Theory11 James Bond 007 Playing Cards

Look closely at the card backs and face cards and you’ll see weapons, watches, martini glasses, gadgets, and more, all pulled straight out of Bond films. Printed in the US on sturdy stock, the cards feel great in the hand, perfect for your next round of baccarat and just in time for the next Bond installment, No Time to Die, coming in April of 2021. 

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