James Bond Thunderball Framed Print

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If you were to consider what the most iconic image of James Bond is, you’d probably fall on either the gun barrel sequence, or simply a tuxedo-clad 007 sitting at a swanky cards table with the villain dujour. This framed print from Thunderball depicts Sean Connery doing just that with Adolfo Celi, aka Emilio Largo, in the middle of their cat-and-mouse game, classically feigning ignorance to each other’s identities. Add a beautiful woman to the composition, this time in the form of Claudine Auger’s Domino Vitali, and you’ve got the perfect, most quintessential Bond photograph.

A true piece of art, Sonic Editions uses the same crisp archival paper that museums do, ensuring each piece is uniquely numbered. The wooden frame itself is hand-crafted, and paired with perspex, which is a gallery-level plastic protector to keep the harmful effects of light and dirt at bay.

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