The James Brand Barnes Titanium Knife

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The James Brand just said they’ve made their finest knife. That’s like Leonard Cohen saying he wrote a good song. Time to listen up. TJB is in a class by itself as a knifemaker of superb quality and simplicity. That approach has rocketed them to a place of honor among EDC enthusiasts — and anyone else who appreciates a really good knife. 

As their most technically advanced knife, the Barnes Titanium is an integral folder, meaning the handle is machined from a single piece of metal, as opposed to two handle pieces fastened together. The metal in question here is titanium and the premium materials continue on from there. 

The bearings are ceramic and the blade is made from a high-end stainless from German steel company Böhler — a steel hailed in the knife world for its high wear resistance and superior edge retention. This is the first time The James Brand has used it. 

The name Barnes comes from a style of projectile point fashioned from chert in the Hudson River Valley and Great Lakes Region a little over ten thousand years ago. It’s an interesting allusion, recalling a tool used by man back when we were still hunter-gatherers.  Taking a look at the design and exquisite detail in this knife, you pretty instantly recognize a true testament to all we’ve accomplished since then. 

The James Brand Barnes Titanium Knife

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