The James Brand x Elyse Graham Duval Pocket Knife

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The best everyday carry essentials (and specifically, the best pocket knives) have a distinct story behind them, one that often calls to mind a timeless sense of adventure. And if you’re going on adventures of your own in the backcountry or elsewhere, then you need your own gear to  help you tell your tales — enter The James Brand’s sharp, sleek, durable-as-heck rotation of pocket knifes, and today’s pick of choice: The James Brand x Elyse Graham Duval Pocket Knife.

The James Brand calls this its first “Modern Pocket Knife,” made with artistic Elyse Graham multi-color resin for a fabrication that’s entirely unique. The front-flip design makes this a true “gentlemen’s knife,” as The James Brand says, and the investment-level price tag ensures this is going to be the last pocket knife you need to buy for some time (unless, of course, you get the urge to pick up something else from The James Brand in the meantime).

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