The James Brand Hardin Carabiner

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Never undervalue or underestimate the importance of gearing up accordingly on the daily during the fall and winter — particularly if your daily routine involves going off-road or off-trail, or even off the grid. The James Brand gets it right all the way around, from top to bottom and even when considering the smallest details — take the Hardin Carabiner, for instance.

The most utilitarian-minded will appreciate its functionality, while those who value nuanced design will find something to love, too.  That’s high praise for a humble carabiner, but consider the fact that this is made with drop-forged aluminum using a lightweight, sleek and slim design. This carabiner is going to climbing excursions aplenty, and it’s even a handy way to keep your keys in sight while wearing chore pants and a thermal henley for early morning projects.

How can one carabiner do so much? We’ve found ourselves asking the same question, but then realized that The James Brand has all the answers — in that case, it’s really no surprise that the Hardin Carabiner is built to last.

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