The James Brand x Huckberry Elko Knife

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We talk often about the best everyday carry essentials, and rightly so — these are the pieces you’re going to have with you, on your person or close at hand, through any number of adventures and day-to-day errands (even if they’re more solitary or socially distanced these days). And in that regard, there’s no place we love shopping more for rugged EDC gear than Huckberry. So, when we found out that Huckberry had teamed up with The James Brand on an update to The James Brand’s fabled Elko Knife, we knew we had to take a look.

The results are in, and this is one of the best pocket knives to buy now, period. With detailing that’s exclusive to Huckberry throughout the design, including on the sleek blade itself, this rugged pocket knife Carpenter CTS-BD1 steel and aluminum handles, all the better to stand up to the elements on your next solitary hike. Slip it in your rucking pack or the front pocket of your tough chore pants, then go find your next adventure.

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