James × Daneson Titanium Keychain Cache

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It’s always such a dang pleasure to see what happens when two brands who are really (really) serious about their craft get together to make something new. You know the James Brand as the Portland, Oregon-based knife maker and designer who creates minimalist EDC products with an attention to detail that makes spacecraft engineering look slapdash. Then there’s Daneson — a brand that makes one thing and makes it exceptionally well. The humble toothpick. Together, the two brands have created the James x Daneson Titanium Keychain Cache with a nigh-on indestructible titanium barrel that neatly carries around eight toothpicks. 

The toothpicks, like all Daneson wares, are crafted from bone white American northern white birch (they plant a hundred trees for each one they cut down). These picks are flavored naturally with Atlas Mint, a flavor from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The set comes with two amber glass bottles holding twelve toothpicks each.

James × Daneson Titanium Keychain Cache

They’ll clean your teeth, give you something to do with your hands, and make you look cool like Joe Pesci in Casino. And while you’re waiting for more toothpicks to ship from Daneson (maybe go for the bourbon flavor when you reup), the James titanium keychain barrel can be used to stash a Benjamin, a couple of pills, or other small and necessary items — though you probably won’t find anything to put in there that could be considered cooler than a toothpick.

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