The James Toiletry Wall Organizer

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Keep your essentials within easy reach in the bathroom at all times with this handy, elegant wall organizer. 

The caddy sticks to your mirror, the sides of your shower, or on the wall. Store shampoos, combs, and handkerchiefs anywhere you might need them. It can hold up to 5 pounds worth of items, and grips to all shiny surfaces without any adhesives. 

That’s right—the James Toiletry Wall Organizer is a versatile caddy that leaves no trace behind. And it might just save you from making uncomfortable, impromptu trips around the bathroom hunting for missing essentials in the worst possible situations. 

It’s made to help you start your day calm and happy, with a bathroom that’s as well-organized as it is refreshing. Make sure clutter stays out of your sink and off the floor with this useful organizer.

Price: $20

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