Jeepster Beach Concept

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This one goes out to all the second-generation Jeepster fans and enthusiasts out there, Jeep has your back. Their all-new Jeepster Beach Concept is a clear throwback ode to their Commando from back in the day with a modern twist.

They began with a 1968 Jeepster Commando (C-101) and set out with one not-so-simple task: combine it with a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon to form the Beach Concept.

When approaching a project such as this, you generally want to show off the vintage styling while upgrading performance capabilities to modern technology. That is exactly what Jeep did. 

Jeepster Beach Concept

They modified the body, kept the classic chrome, then painted it a sharp two-tone Hazy IPA and Zinc Oxide finish. It goes down as smooth as it looks.

From there, Jeep decided to tune a modern 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a custom calibration to run it about 25% hotter than stock. Think of it as overclocking a processor on a computer. As a result, the Jeepster Beach produces 340 horsepower with 369 pound-feet of torque.

It definitely has enough power for some fun in the sun, but what about off-road performance? Jeep uses a 4:1 transfer case to send power to the 35-inch tires, you will manage to navigate even the most challenging terrain.

Staying true to the Commando’s legacy as the first compact 4×4 to offer an automatic transmission, the Jeepster Concept features an 8-speed auto. Inside the Beach Concept, comfortable low-back buckets give you the best seats in the house. 

There is no rear seat anymore, just a four-point chrome safety cage. Don’t look for any carpets either, this is a beach house. You need to be able to wash sand away easily.

As far as resto-mod 4×4 vehicles go, the Jeepster Beach Concept nails it. Then again, what else do you expect from Jeep?

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