Jetson Personal Electric Aerial Vehicle

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It’s 2021, almost 2022. If sci-fi authors and futurists are to be believed, we should be well into having flying cars right now. But take a look out your window: There’s not a darned aerial vehicle in sight. This is not the future we were promised.

Jetson Personal Electric Aerial Vehicle

But if the mad geniuses over at Jetson have their way, that could all be changing soon. Their Personal Electric Aerial Vehicle looks straight out of a utopian novel—made of aluminum and carbon fiber, and powered by eight electric motors. With a design that’s halfway between a racecar and a high-speed motorcycle, it’s poised to revolutionize the personal air travel space and turn everyone into pilots. And thanks to an incredibly robust array of safety features, it may soon be the safest way to fly, too.

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