Kalahari Biltong Beef Jerky

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To be honest, getting excited about beef jerky isn’t something we’ve found ourselves doing that much. Strips of beef dredged in salt (sometimes sugar), thrown in a dehydrator, and bagged up for sale. The excitement just isn’t there. But here’s a US company that is using a centuries-old South African method of drying beef, creating Biltong — something akin to a jerky crossed with a fine prosciutto. It looks different, tastes different, and has a wholly different texture than your jerkified truck stop fare.

They’ve got three flavors so far: garlic, original, and peri peri — a mildly spicy African chili pepper. Instead of soy or sugar or maltodextrin or MSG, Kalahari just uses salt and pepper, vinegar, chili powder, and coriander. And instead of a dehydrator, their beef is cut into strips that hang out in a climate controlled room, air drying for eighteen days. It’s then hand-sliced against the grain. The result is a jerky worthy of getting excited about. – Shop Now

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