Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot

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I once saw a couple at a campsite take nearly two hours to string their camping hammocks from tree trunks. They finished just after sunset but around 10PM I woke to the sounds of them packing up to go home. Did they decide hammock camping just wasn’t for them? Did they suddenly need to catch up on all seasons of The Office? Can’t help but wonder if they woulda made it through the night if they’d had a tent cot instead. 

An ingenious camping shelter, a tent cot is exactly what it sounds like: a cot with a tent attached above it. Kamp-Rite lays claim to being the original purveyor of such a thing, and they’ve got a two person version in the Compact Double Tent Cot. Like a camping hammock, a tent cot can be set up over wet, muddy, and uneven ground. Unlike a camping hammock, you don’t need to find suitable trees and the set-up learning curve is a little lower too. With pole-supported walls, mesh windows, two doors, and inner storage pockets, it has all the trappings of a tent with the off-the-ground comfort of a cot. 

The tent cot can support up to 550 pounds, which should pretty quickly tell you the frame is not made of fiberglass. Instead, powder-coated steel keeps you aloft, bringing the net weight to just over forty pounds. The included carrying bag has wheels to help you lug it to your campsite — where you’ll hopefully sleep happily through the night. 

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