Keego Squeezable Metal Bottle

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Black Friday Sales

You’re so swole you can crush titanium in your bare hands. At least that’s what you’ll get to tell people if you get in on the Kickstarter for these Keegos. The brainchild of a Swiss guy who thought it was a little sad that no one had gone high tech with sports hydration, Keego bonds an elastic core to a titanium bottle so you can squeeze it like plastic, but your water doesn’t get that plasticy taste — and it’ll last longer too.

If you’re wondering whether the technology for the materials is sound, consider that the Danish company making this flexible titanium is the same company making accelerator parts for CERN. The way we see it is, if you have a 99¢ bottle of water in the bottle cage of your $4,000 road bike, you might be ready for something a little better made. – $56+

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Black Friday Sales