Kia Futuron Concept

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In Shanghai, Kia recently introduced a new concept for an electric all-wheel drive SUV coupe. The Kia Futuron Concept looks like an SUV with the face of a tiger and seems like something from a futuristic movie scene. 

With this concept, Kia envisions a sports car built on a ‘360-degree’ themed lightweight SUV platform. The roof of the Futuron Concept is a diamond-shaped panoramic glasshouse and rests atop the 360-degree core.

The interior features a cutting-edge interactive driving experience with comfortable lean-back seats. The two front seats offer an upright driving position or a reclined rest position.

The Futuron features a system of LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors that provide a Level 4 autonomous driving experience, which allows for hands-off and eyes-off in most driving conditions. If the autonomous driving feature is active, the two front seats will recline as the steering wheel retracts for added convenience.


To continue the 360 degree theme, a sharp character line illuminates around the Futuron’s body. This playful and interactive lighting feature will react and respond to physical gestures and movements outside the car, building a stronger connection between the driver and the Futuron.

The wide ‘tiger face’ shape of the Futuron features innovative ‘Star Cloud’ lighting all throughout the exterior. A ‘Dragon Skin’ surface covering the lighting area imitates the scaled armor of Chinese dragons in both mythology and modern cultural celebrations. Utilizing a kinetic surface, the Star Cloud lighting allows the car to switch between DRLs and full-beam headlamps as the scales open and close.

With the Kia Futuron Concept there is a lot of potential for exciting and cutting edge technology, hopefully the concept hits the road in the near future.

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