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Fact: everything edible gets better with a dash or two of hot sauce. Those foods that don’t might not be worth putting in your mouth anyway. With so many meals that need to be dashed, we’re always on the lookout for new sauces to do the dashing. This brand from Los Angeles already has us salivating.

Called Kill Sauce and brought to you by the Habanero Cartel, these all-natural bottles of heat have no preservatives, are low in salt and sugar, and currently come in a variety of different recipes.

The flagship sauce is Habanero, from a blend of the namesake pepper plus onion and garlic for a slow burn heat. Then there’s the thick Ghost sauce with blackberries, raspberries blended with the former world record holder for hottest pepper, the ghost chili. Eggs, pizza, tacos, Bloody Marys, toast — everything on the menu is about to get a few drops of something new. – Shop Now

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