Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye Whiskey

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Knob Creek — you know them as the small-batch, high-end Kentucky distillery that consistently produces quality whiskey (along with exceptional limited editions). Cask strength — that’s whiskey that goes from the barrel to the bottle with zero dilution (what you’d taste if someone left you alone with a copper whiskey thief inside a rickhouse). And rye — that’s the spicy, complex whiskey that’s once again gaining in popularity (for very good reason). So Knob Creek plus cask strength plus rye whiskey, those words, in that order, that’s enough to make you want a bottle right there.

And there are a couple more reasons. Due to rye whiskey’s current popularity spike, cask strength is becoming a rarer thing, and a rye that’s been allowed to age nine years, as this one has, is an equally uncommon beast. Yet here’s a limited edition, ultra-aged, unfiltered rye that lets you find your ideal sipping strength. Start with the full 119 proof, add a few drops of water, an ice cube or two until you arrive at something approaching perfection.

So now you want a bottle, but are bracing yourself for the face punching price. That may be the best part of all. At just under $70 this is a rare, spicy, aged, barrel strength rye that anyone serious about imbibing can probably make their way to affording. Look for it (and buy it) this summer. Learn more at Knob Creek.

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