Knox Handroid Gloves

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Featuring a patented Exo-Skeleton flexible spine design, The Handroid Gloves by Knox Labs provide the ultimate hand protection from traumatic impact and abrasions by utilizing honeycomb gel impact technology. At the core of this technology is the BOA lacing system that is made up of seven woven strands of aircraft grade stainless steel jacketed in an abrasion resistant polymer.
Underneath the exo-skeleton exterior lies the Metapod lined gel further protecting the back of the hands and fingers, while a patented Knox Scaphoid Protection System on the palms of the gloves as well as additional inner cuff sliders are what slide on the pavement instead of the glove’s kangaroo leather in the event of a crash. The result is more than a just a pair of riding gloves. Handroid Gloves are complete armor protection for your hands.
Knox Handroid Gloves $257

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