Lamborghini SC18 Alston

Lamborghini SC18 Alston

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For some people, having a fast car isn’t enough. They’ve got to have a Lamborghini. And not just any Lambo, the V-12, 770 horsepower Aventador SVJ. But then there’s one guy out there for whom even that’s not enough. That guy has to have this car. Based on the Aventador SVJ this only-one-of-its-kind creation was realized by Squadra Corse, Lamborghini’s motorsport division, and Centro Stile, Lambo’s in-house design studio.

The SC18 Alston keeps the (already impressive) engine and drivetrain from the Aventador, but cuts weight and ups the aerodynamics with a slew of upgrades. The one you might catch first is that big mighty wing in back. It’s carbon fiber and adjustable in three directions to generate serious downforce.

The air intakes on the hood, along with the side and rear fenders are riffs on two different iterations of another Lamborghini supercar, the Huracán. The new exhaust system puts out a unique sound, drawing instant attention to itself — and now that you’re looking, admire that grey carbon fiber body, totally custom red screen-printing, and the 20-inch wheels up front and 21-inchers on the back.

How much did this hyper discerning customer pay for such a unique beast? Lamborghini isn’t saying. We’re gonna guess it was a lot. And, finally, enough. – Learn More


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