Lamborghini Sián Roadster

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Lamborghini, founded in 1963, has a penchant for manufacturing breathtaking supercars. The Lamborghini Sián Roadster presents the first ever open-top hybrid to feature a supercapacitor. This electrified V12 engine helps form their most powerful automobile yet.

The Sián Roadster packs 807 horsepower, and according to Lamborghini, is capable of traveling at speeds greater than 217 miles per hour. Lamborghini’s Sián, derived from a Bolognese word meaning a flash of lightning, can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

It features a 7-speed ISR (Independent Shifting Rods) automated manual gearbox. Keeping the Sián on the road is an electronically controlled all-wheel drive system with a rear mechanical self-locking differential. 

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Inside the vehicle, the roofless Sián adds a personal touch for owners, using 3D printing to inscribe their initials on the air vents. The exterior is just as exquisite as the interior. The Sián features unmistakable long, low-profile Lamborghini styling paired with recognizable scissor doors. Yet another Italian masterpiece with instant classic status.

Of course, there is a coupe version of the Sián, but it does not offer the same exclusive and stylish open-air Lamborgini experience as the Roadster. Sometimes you want visibility in an exotic car as rare as this, while other times you just want to feel the freedom of the natural breeze while driving.

Unfortunately, if you are just hearing about the Sián Roadster for the first time, it is already too late. All 19 versions of the Sián Roadster already have owners. There are also 63 versions of the Sián coupe, but again, all sold. Lamborghini decided to limit the production of the Sián to 19, and 63 models respectively. A nice nod to 1963, when the legendary automobile company first made its mark. 

Nevertheless, if you ever get a chance to witness the lightning-quick Sián Roadster in the wild, you won’t want to blink. Chances are, if you do, you’ll miss it.

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