Lamborghini Sián Hybrid Coupe

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The all new complete carbon fiber Lamborghini Sián, which means “Lightning Bolt” in Bolognese dialect, is definitely electric. No really, it is. Introducing the very first Lamborghini hybrid production car, which is also the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 ever made by them. Limited to just 63 cars produced, honoring when the Lamborghini was born in 1963, all of them are already spoken for. These supercars had a base price of roughly 3.2 million dollars. Apologies to those who missed out.

There are many things that set this supercar apart from the others. The most powerful Lambo yet, coming in at an astounding 819 hp thanks to the boost of the very first electric motor in the world powered by supercapacitors. This is an extremely innovative technology in which the Sián is the very first production car in the world to use. What are supercapacitors and how does that help with supercars? Well the battery is three times more powerful than a lithium-ion of similar size and weight, while creating an incredible amount of power when charging and discharging. This allows the power to be accessible instantaneously. 

Since supercapacitors are insanely efficient, the energy storage system becomes fully charged each time the vehicle uses the brakes. The amazing technology in this Lamborghini, which features two motors, allows for the car to reach 0-62 mph in less than 2.8 seconds.

The Sián features an aesthetic profile borrowing some styling from the legendary Countach, yet enhanced for a dazzling and futuristic look. With state of the art technology and detailing all throughout, such as the spoilers that bear the inscription “63”,  there are so many more amazing details that went into the creation of the Sián. It’s a truly breathtaking supercar driven from great engineering that will knock your socks off all the way up to 217 mph.

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