Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

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The cars of the future don’t just happen. Someone thinks what might be possible then figures out how to make it so. For this supercar of the future, Lamborghini worked with MIT to come up with a concept that is shoving the boundaries of possibility firmly out of the way. An electric engine at each wheel means no centralized engine, allowing the body to conform only to dictates of design and aerodynamics. The result is an electric car that’s far more stingray than Prius.

Maybe the most impressive idea Lamborghini tackles is in the battery department. They’re looking into developing higher density supercapacitors and the ability to use structural, energy storing panels as batteries. Another hurdle they’re facing is finding a substitute for the iconic sound. Electric cars don’t purr like a the V-12 of a gently revving Aventador. But given their ideas so far, we’re sure they’ll come up with something good. Learn more about the Terzo Millennio concept at Lamborghini.

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