Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone

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You’ve got a few options for safeguarding your phone on the trail: baby it like the delicate piece of tech that it is, leave it in your vehicle, or get a tougher phone. For those considering option three, Land Rover would like you to meet the Explore Outdoor Phone. The Android Nougat OS phone is drop tested to about six feet, waterproof up to three feet, and can handle temperature extremes, thermal shock and vibration exposure. The five inch screen is optimized for viewing in sunlight and can be controlled with wet or even gloved hands. A dual SIM feature gets you more connectivity with the option of connecting to two networks.

And then there’s the included Adventure Pack. Swap it onto your phone on the trail and get 3600mAh of extra battery juice along with a ceramic patch antenna that boosts GPS reliability and allows for ViewRanger augmented reality topographic mapping. Zero babying required. Learn more at Land Rover.

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