Lansky Fireman Battle Axe

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Lansky Firefighter Battle AxeWith input from seasoned firefighters around the country, Lansky has designed the Firefighter’s Battle Axe as the ultimate sidearm multi-tool for firemen and gear buffs alike. Made from 1075 tool steel and sporting a bright orange paint job, the Fireman’s Battle Axe not only chops holes through walls, but also features a hose wrench, a gas valve wrench, a pry bar, and a non-slip handle insulated up to 10,000 volts. Even if you’re not a firefighter, there’s a good chance you will find plenty of chances to use it around the house. The Fireman’s Axe comes with a genuine leather sheath, and may also create a strong urge to run into burning buildings.
Lansky Fireman Battle Axe $57

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