Left Hand Brewing 25 Anniversary

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When is the appropriate time to celebrate a major brewery milestone? Well, happy hour to start — but perhaps after 25 years of making great beer agreed? That’s what Left Hand Brewing is doing, and the results are to be applauded, shared and enjoyed time and again.

The 25 Anniversary in particular takes what the brewery does best and amplifies it, to great and enjoyable impact. Does that mean you should track some down? Without a doubt. Featuring what the brewery calls “assertive notes” of unique ingredients like dark chocolate and coffee, this is a beer to be sipped carefully to drink in the full effect (pun intended).

This Black Imperial Stout packs a serious punch at 12.1 percent ABV, so drink with caution — and know that you’re supporting a craft brewery doing things the right way. It’s not going to be around for very long, so we recommend you track some down while you can, then crack open a bottle. Where will the next 25 years take Left Hand? It’s worth sticking around to find out. – Learn More