Light Phone 2

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Phones have taken about eight hundred steps forward from that rotary dial landline your great aunt Mabel had. So here’s a phone that’s ready to take a couple steps back. You’ll be able to make calls, send and get texts, and wake up on time with the alarm. The screen is a grayscale E-Ink touchscreen with simple typographic interface, just letters, numbers and a few symbols that appear as needed.

It’s up on Indiegogo now, and as the backers come in (and the backers are coming in strong) they’re playing with the idea of adding a few more tools like navigation and music, and if they hit their stretch goal, Bluetooth.

When most phones are adding new features, more apps, brighter icons, this is a welcome dose of simplicity. If you like the things in your pocket to help you get stuff done, instead of keeping you from doing stuff, you might take advantage of the backer price now. – $250+

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