Linedock 13

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The new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are sleek. Possibly too sleek for some. With just two Thunderbolt ports (or four on the higher-end Pros) your older and non USB-C peripherals are going to need some adapters and dongles if they want to play with your new space gray toy. But adapters and dongles are not all that sleek. The solution from Linedock is a thin slab that sits beneath your MacBook Air or 13” Pro and offers nine additional ports — everything from USB 3.0 to HDMI to an SD Card reader. 

It stays positioned perfectly beneath the bottom of your laptop via magnets and connects  with a USB-C cable (included, but any USB-C cable will work). In addition to quadrupling your port offerings, the Linedock 13 comes equipped with a 60 watt, 20,000 mAh battery that can give your MacBook an extra eight hours of life. And with the 100 watts of pass-through power, when your Linedock is plugged in, you can charge everything up at once. 

Linedock 13

The standard option doesn’t offer any additional storage, but you can upgrade to get 256GB or a full TB of onboard flash SSD storage. Not bad for something that’s less than a centimeter thick and, of course, just as sleek as the laptop it supports.

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