LiveWire S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle

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When it comes to bikes, Harley-Davidson knows a thing or two because they’ve been doing it since 1903. When Harley-Davidson decided to enter the e-motorcycle market, they created the LiveWire brand to carry the carbon-free torch. That pretty much makes the LiveWire S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle a Harley-Davidson EV bike.

Upon first glance, the Del Mar looks like the kind of bike you would expect to see Neo riding in The Matrix. However, you don’t need to be a programmable hero to handle this bike. The S2 Del Mar motorcycle is actually an Easy Rider.

At 431 pounds, this is not a large bike, making it suitable for a wider variety of riders. It is also nimble, offering comfortable riding and handling for riders of almost any skill level. Finally, despite its powerful performance potential, the Del Mar is actually quite forgiving.

Speaking of the performance, the Del Mar is like strapping yourself to an electric rocket you can actually handle and steer. With 184 pound-feet of instantaneous e-motor torque, the S2 Del Mar can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in only 3.1 seconds.

As for range, you should be able to squeeze 110 miles out of a full charge. LiveWire says you can go from a 20% charge to 80% in about 75 minutes using a Level 2 charger with the S2 Del Mar. This really is a high performance e-motorcycle you can ride like a sports car or casually cruise to and from your errands with. The choice is yours.

With a starting price of $16,999, the S2 is reasonably priced while providing the kind of riding experience that will make the open road your new home. Talk about injecting some enthusiasm into your daily commute, this motorcycle is a blast to ride no matter where your destination is.

There’s only one problem. Everyone wants a LiveWire S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle. When the first round of reservations for the launch edition of the S2 opened up in May of 2022, they sold out in only 18 minutes. LiveWire recently opened the second round of reservations. In other words, if you want one, you need to attempt your reservation immediately. Good luck.

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