Livit Studypod

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Ah, Scandinavian design… Will we ever get tired of your clean lines and minimalist aesthetic? Probably not. The Studypod is the latest offering from Livit, a Norwegian design firm who first got into the world of small spaces with prefab tiny rooms they called Birdboxes. Those big-windowed, pared-down “adventure cabins” were meant to be installed way out in the way out, among the trees and fjords, for overnight accommodations that were unlike anything a hotel could offer. 

Now with the Studypod, Livit is bringing that close-to-nature feeling to your WFH situation. Small enough to go in fairly tight outdoor spaces, the turnkey pods have one huge, floor-to-ceiling window and the smooth, clean curves of something from a future world (or, you know, Norway). You can get it with a built-in desk or as a clean slate for you to set up as you see fit. Arrange it beneath your favorite tree (if you have one). Or for those working back at the office again, the Studypod also works as an on-site workstation and is even offered with wheels to move it around in an open space.   

You get about six by six feet of space and it’s fully wired with one outlet and four lights. It includes adjustable, natural ventilation and a locking door. Start picking out the perfect spot in your backyard now for the ideal Scandinavian-designed private workspace.

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