Lordstown Motors Endurance Truck

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Electric vehicles are the vision for the future and Lordstown Motors is one of the companies making it possible. Manufactured in Lordstown, Ohio, the Lordstown Motors Endurace Truck solves the challenges that limit modern work productivity. Lordstown Motors is working hard to become the epicenter of electric vehicles in their region. They are proud to present and build the work vehicles of the future from their Lordstown plant. 

When it comes to full-size pickups, people need them to be as versatile as the many different tasks trucks need to tackle. The Lordstown Motors Endurance Truck meets or exceeds the performance of the most popular full-size pickup trucks available. Trucks need to be an available workhorse time and time again, so many people will appreciate that the Endurance Truck never needs an oil change. The Lordstown Motors Endurance Truck also features a tighter turning radius and greater traction than traditional pickups.  

With no emissions and available True Four-Wheel Drive, the Lordstown Motors Endurance Truck is ready for any task thrown its way. An all-electric range of 250+ miles is possible with a full charge of the Endurance Truck. Lordstown Motors says the Endurance Truck provides the lowest total cost of ownership available in the full-size pickup market.

Available to pre-order now, the Lordstown Motors Endurance Truck also features re-gen braking technology to extend brake life. Since there is no traditional engine in the Endurance Truck, the front engine bay space features a frunk cargo storage area instead. This provides even more cargo storage options than just the truck’s bed. 

Lordstown Motors expects streamlined production by the second half of 2020. Their message while they prepare their manufacturing plant for increased production is simple and true to the pride that inspires their vision: “Ride with Lordstown”.

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