Lumberjack Cabin Spray

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Returning home after an outdoor retreat is rife with genuine bummers: unpacking, washing all of your clothes and gear, returning to the responsibilities of everyday life. Perhaps the biggest letdown, though, is leaving behind the smells and sounds of the great outdoors. Megan McLaughlin gets it: she pitched her tent in national parks and public lands all across the country to take in all of their sights and scents before settling in the Pacific Northwest to create a product line that carries the best of nature into your home.

Patchouli, black pepper, and Cedarwood join forces to create the rugged, earthy spiced fragrance of Lumberjack Cabin Spray. Each hand-blended spray is 100% vegan, eco-friendly, and preserved in a recyclable glass apothecary bottle. Mist it around your space and let the relaxing fragrance of a warm forest lodge bring just a little bit of the outdoors into any room as it replaces the sickly sweet scent left by commercially sold air fresheners and cleaning products. Lumberjack Cabin Spray, as with all All Good + Well Supply Co. products, is Made in the USA in small batches and can be used alone or paired with a corresponding apothecary candle. – $25

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