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There are times out off the beaten path — even if it’s only the path to your backyard campfire — where you desperately need some light, any light; if the solution is an ingenious and innovative product that’s cool and functional, that’s all the better. So it goes with the Luminoodle from Practical Power.

The Luminoodle is an ultra-bright light rope that can spread and tie just about anywhere thanks to a 5-foot LED light strip (with a 10-foot option coming soon for just $10 more). Combined with Universal Ties, a utility loop and magnets, it can wrap around tent poles, tree branches, lawn chairs — you name it. As if that wasn’t enough, it can be powered by any USB battery or power source, and it’s dust and water-proof. A handy lantern bag also makes it possible to carry the light rope wherever you might need it. And at just under $20 (sans battery), it’s a heck of a bargain for the functionality you’re getting. – $20

Luminoodle Light Rope

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