Luminox Sea Turtle Giant

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Winter is no time to let your wrist game slip — Luminox knows this, and that’s why you need to add a rugged, adventure-ready, hard-wearing watch to your rotation as soon as possible. While it’s still prudent to keep a slim dress watch handy for your holiday endeavors, it’s also very wise to snag an outdoors-minded timepiece for everything winter might throw your way.

In short, if you want a functional watch to wear as you chop firewood, haul brush or even cut down your own Christmas tree — yes, it still happens — then the Luminox Sea Turtle Giant is the watch to buy.

Swiss-made construction and a Swiss-made movement are among the best in the world, without a doubt, and the lightweight carbon construction means this watch won’t slow you down. The “Sea Turtle” moniker is more than fitting, too — it’s water-resistant up to 200 meters. That means you can — and should — keep this watch on your wrist when it comes time to take off for your much-needed coastal winter getaway. A watch you can wear in the snow and on a tropical snorkeling trip? Sounds to us like the watch you need now. – Shop Now

Luminox Sea Turtle Giant Watch

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