Lunaz Range Rover Classic EV

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Nothing prepares the classics for the next generation of driving quite like converting them into full electric vehicles. Lunaz specializes in electrifying vintage vehicles, but they do not ever cut corners. They always begin with a complete restoration, stripping everything down to the bare metal. 

This is where the real fun begins because from here, the possibilities are endless. Especially when you combine the luxurious coachbuilding skills and modern manufacturing approach evident in the Lunaz Range Rover Classic EV.

Range Rover has so many enthusiasts for a reason, they owe a lot of their consumer loyalty to their timeless SUV design. Lunaz is building a total of 50 Range Rover Classic electric vehicles, using models ranging from 1970 to 1994. The idea of putting electric range in the classic Rover is turning plenty of heads. 

Lunaz takes it one step further, giving each Range Rover EV order the bespoke treatment. You will be able to choose from an assortment of interior options and whether you want a short or long wheelbase. Lunaz will offer 2-door or 4-door versions of the Range Classic EV, you will even be able to order a convertible option. 

There will be different configurations available as well. If you prefer off-roading, you will want to check out the Country model. For a luxurious on-road experience, a rear-wheel drive version will be available, which is a first for the Range Rover model. 

You will have air conditioning and a modern infotainment system, complete with full smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity. Two battery choices will be available, but there is not a lot of information about the Lunaz Range Rover Classic EV powertrain yet. What is public is that the 4-wheel drive versions utilize a dual-motor system for each axle. 

Lunaz has a good reason for keeping their secret under wraps as long as possible. There is a lot of competition in the EV race around the entire globe. The finish line is nowhere in sight.

Upcycling classic cars into the modern era takes the retro-mod movement to new heights. Lunaz expands the new car experience by putting class into the classics. Get ahead of the curve without losing touch with your taste by driving into the future with Lunaz.

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